Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Understanding the liberal mindset

Liberals believe that dinosaurs were extinct long before humans walked the earth. Conservatives know that dinosaurs were some of the first animals on the Ark. The question is "why are liberals so ignorant"? Liberal elites suffer from something that we Conservatives like to call "education syndrome". Liberals have been indocrinated by public schools to believe in the myth of science. They bow to the gods of "cause and effect" and believe in provable reality rather than faith in an all powerful God. They are soulless athiests pushing their athiestic anti-Christian ideology against the rest of us. Ask a Liberal whether they evolved from apes and you are likely to get a "yes" answer. Maybe liberals have evolved, but the we Conservatives certainly have not, thank you very much. Even if evolution could occur, how much much evolution could have occured in the 5000 years since the Earth was created. If evolution was real, wouldn't there be some evidence in the Bible like Jesus saying "Oh look, I now have two arms and opposable thumbs". Evolution is no more real than global warming. The global isn't warming, it's just getting a little hotter. Evolution is called a theory and just like every other theory, it is unproven, unsupported, and just plain wrong. This is not to say that Liberals are evil (well, not completely). Some of my best friends are Liberals". They are just a bit misguided (and really really stupid).

Liberals like to claim that Conservatives were wrong about gravity, a flat earth, the sun revolving around the earth and a whole host of other "science" issues that they "learned" about in "public school". But key in on those two words, "learned" and "public school". How good can their science be if they "learn" about it in "public school"? What good has "learning" ever done for anyone? Do learned people ever invent anything? Start a business? Write a book? Is there a noble prize for "learning" or for "public school"? Do you think that Sarah Palin got where she is by "learning" anything? Or Santorum? or Christine O'Donnell? "learning" is for snobish elitists like Obama and Ted Kennedy who want to take away our guns and liberties and freedom things like the American flag and apple pie. Only truly dumb people believe "learning".

You might ask, why do liberals put so much emphasis on learning? Liberals believe that learning is important because Liberals aren't smart enough to figure these things out for themselves. They are all into goody feel-good bleeding-heart unChristian stuff like treating other people like they are equal, regardless eof how much money they have inherited. Are the people who blew up the world trade center during the Clinton administration "equal"? Did "equal" people fight the British at Gettysburg? Did "equal" people settle on the old west or fight the British in Concord New Hampshire? Are the people who have to work for a living really "equal" to the rest of us? If everyone was equal, why do history books only talk about famous people? If "equal" people was really equal, why do we we need public "schools" to be "learned" about them? liberalisms rely on a viscus circle. This is what is called a "catch 22".

The important thing to know when arguing with liberals is that democratic minds are made up. They hate America, hate our freedoms. They are full of hate hate hate. They have been filled with hate from their indocrination in public "schools". They should be treated with kindness and pity and not given a chance to destroy America with being in positions of power. When they hold positions of power, patriotic Christian Americans should do everything they can to disrupt everything that Liberals do to prevent them from infecting our American youths with their liberalism idealogies. The number one goal of all Conservatives is to obstruct the efforts of Liberals REGARDLESS OF THE CONSQUENCES because the effects of liberalisms is more devistating to the American way of life then whatever effects on the economy, deficit, and American freedoms that are created by our obstructionism. A few key points to keep throwing out.

1. A liberal has never served in the military to defend the USA. Not once. Ask them why.
2. All major big government programs instituted by liberals have been a complete and total failure. The interstate highway system, national electric grid, social security, military readiness, minimum wage, food stamps, unemployment insurance, national healthcare, student loans, subsidized mortgages, the internet, food safety, auto safety, air quality, water quality, GI Bill, Medicare, the Coast Guard, NASA, auto safety, child protection laws, civil rights, women's rights, child labor laws. Are we really better off now that women can vote? Or Blacks? Or non-land owners?
3. Liberals believe that education makes them smarter. Ask them why.
4. Liberals arranged for recessions to occur when they are out of power and able to pass the buck. Ask them why they shirk personal responsibility.
5. Conservatives don't win noble prizes. Ask a liberal why the noble commitee hate American freedoms.
6. Liberals think that poor people should have the same say in who runs this country as a rich person. Ask them why they hate capitalism and the free market.
7. Liberals think that supporting America through taxes is patriotic. Ask a liberal why rich people should have to contribute to supporting America.

Remember that, as a Conservative, you are all that stand between the America of yesterday and the liberalized world of tomorrow. One where the poor, minorities, and woman have an equal say as real Americans. One where job destroying American workers and consumers are given an given equal say as the job creators and where a Black Muslim from Kenya can be treated as if he was a democratically elected president. A world in which straight men and women are forced to share unisex bathrooms with gay pediphile elitist athiests. Join us in taking our country back. God bless America. This fall, vote Republican, or live with the consequences.