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Corrupt Politician Watch

Please notify us of any errors, changed, or additions. DefendUSA is limiting the list to political crimes of federal elected officials and their associates as well as governors and their associates. Many similar lists contain crimes at the state and local level as well as sexual offenses. We have decided on this limitation, frankly because the number of Republicans convicted of sexual misconduct is so long that the list becomes unwieldy. Non-political crimes are beyond the scope of DefendUSA. DefendUSA is dedicated to uncovering and routing out corrupt politicians, not sexual predators.

Side note: The list of people under investigation is not very reliable since the information is not always public information and can change daily. The other lists are more permanent and should be more reliable.

Corruption count
Since January 1, 2000. Federal level, Governor level, elected and appointed officials, aides etc.
Convicted/Pled Guilty
Republican Governor George Ryan - 4/17/2006 racketeering and bribery - (76 people convicted)
Republican Governor Bob Taft - 8/18/2005. 5 counts failure to report gifts from Lobbyists
Republican Governor John Rowland - 12/24/2004 Bribery
Republican Governor Sonny Perdue - Campaign ethics violations
NH GOP Chair Chuck McGee - conspiricy to make harrasing phone calls to block people from voting.
Republican Aide Allen Raymond
Republican James Tobin (NE Regional Dir., Bush campaign) - 12/15/05 conspiracy to commit telephone harassment, aiding and abetting of telephone harassment
Republican Charles McGee (Executive Director of the NH Republican State Committee )
Republican Shaun Hansen. GOP Marketing aide - conspiracy to commit telephone harassment and aiding and abetting telephone harassment
Republican Aide Scott Falwell - racketeering, mail fraud and obstruction of justice
Republican Aide Alexandra Prokos - Perjury
Republican Aide Jim Ellis - 13 counts of unlawful acceptance of a corporate political contribution, money laundering
Republican Aide John Colyandro - money laundering
Republican Brian Hicks - bribery
Republican Chief of Staff Peter Ellef - Bribery
Republican Roger G. Stillwell - Interior Department official - bribed by Abramoff
Republican Lobbyist Jack Abramoff - defrauding of American Indian tribes and corruption of public officials
Republican Lobbyist and Congressional Aide (to Tom Delay) Tony Rudy - conspiricy
Republican Representative Bob Ney - Conspiricy to defraud the United States and making false statements
Republican Neil Volz (lobbyist and aide to Bob Ney) - bribery and corruption
Republican William Heaton (Bob Ney's chief of staff) - Conspiricy
Republican Representative Randy "Duke" Cunningham - conspiracy to commit bribery, mail fraud, wire fraud, and tax evasion
Republican David Hossein Safavian. Lying, obstruction of Justice
Democratic Senator Traficant - bribery and forcing his aides to perform chores
Republican Chief of Staff Lewis "Scooter" Libby - two counts of perjury, one of obstruction of justice, and one of making false statements to federal investigators
Republican Tom Noe - Laundered money for the 2004 Bush-Cheney campaign, theft, corruption, party chairman and Bush Pioneer fundraiser
Republican Gov Ernie Fletcher - 13 aides indicted
Republican Micheal Scanlon (lobbyist and aide to Tom DeLay) - bribery
Deputy Secretary Steven Griles - bribery, perjury, obstrcting a congressional investigation.
Republican Congressional aide Mark Zachares - bribery
Republican deputy Interior secretary Stephen Griles - Obstruction of Justice
Republican lobbyist Italia Federici - Tax Evasion, Obstruction of Justice
Republican Lobbyist and Congressional Aide (to Tom Delay) Michael Scanlon - Conspiricy to bribe public officials
Republican Interior Department official Roger Stillwell - failure to report gifts
Republican Brent Wilkes - 13 counts of bribery (of Duke Cunningham)
Republican Mitchell Wade - bribery (of Duke Cunningham)
Republican Senator Ted Stevens -7 counts of lying to the FBI, concealing income.
Kyle "Dusty" Foggo (George W Bush's CIA Executive Director) - 30 wide-ranging counts of fraud, conspiracy. Pled guilty to accepting bribes. Charges were later dismissed due to deliberate misconduct on the part of Bush's justice department.
Todd Palin - Husband and aid of Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin (and 9 aides)
guilty of contempt in an attempt to coverup wrongdoing in the governor's office
Republican Governor Palin/Republican VP nominee - Abuse of power, failure to pay income taxes.
Democratic Governor Rod Blagojevich - 17 counts of public corruption.
Republican Tom Delay - money laundering and conspiracy to commit money laundering
Democratic Senator William Jefferson - 11 counts of corruption
Republican Representative Mark Deli Siljander - obstruction of justice and acting as an unregistered foreign agent related to his work for an Islamic charity with ties to international terrorism.
Democratic Congressman Charles Rangel - 11 counts of violating house rules

Confessed under grant of Immunity
Monica Goodling, White House liaison for Alberto Gonzales - Hired federal prosecuters based upon party affiliation.


Republican Representative Richard George Renzi - 35 counts of Corruption, bribery, conspiracy, wire fraud, money laundering, extortion, insurance fraud, conflict on interest.

Convicted: 122 Republicans. 4 Democrats
Indicted/Charged: 1 Republicans.
Confessed under grant of Immunity: 1 Republican. 0 Democrats.
Total: 124 Republicans. 4 Democrats.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You guys are either totally biased, or blind if you can only find one corrupt Democrat in office. Corruption is pretty well evenly distributed amoung politicians. This is the problem with the country, everyone points fingers instead of solving problems. You are not in grade school anymore, GROW UP and find solutions that mean something. Use all of this energy you have trying to dig up dirt and find solutions instead. BTW I found this by accident, it will be my first and last visit here. I personally can't stand being around so much negativety, so I won't see any of your responses.

2:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

BTW, after posting my comment, it said it will not be viewable until approved. What kind of ACLU LIB are you? No freedom of speach? Sad, very sad, to have such a weak platform.

2:40 PM  
Blogger DefendUSA said...

This is the problem with some of the posts coming from the right wing. The first post says that only biased and blind people are unable to find corrupt Democrats, but is unable to point out any examples of any missed.

The second post assumes that since I don't want porn or spam posted I must be a member of the ACLU (and support defending the Constitution and the values of the United States). I don't quite follow the logic, or why the poster thinks that being patriotic is such an insult, but who knows, maybe the poster has a point. Maybe he/she is correct that everyone who is patriotic must therefore be a liberal. I'll leave that analysis to the philosophers.

7:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really like what your trying to do here "Defending The USA From Dishonest Goverment" But I do not think you will be taken seriously untill you present all corruption equally. This site is very bias, there is corruption in all areas of government not just by republicans. You should be defending the USA from ALL dishonest government. You have a lot of good information here its just to bad you have to be so bias.

10:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great site... Came in handy for me in a political debate today..

Keep up the good work.

12:49 PM  
Anonymous MEG Raven said...

I get your point about the previous commenter, but you miss the VALID point that that s/he makes. Your list is pretty much exclusively GOP.

I'm linking this page to my site. My viewers know that I have absolutely no respect for either political party. Many links on my page(I'm simply too disgusted to write my own ideas on the subject at this time) are party motivated. Personally, I find it ridiculous that folks will blind one eye - or both eyes - to the ills of their own professed political party, but can't seem to get enough of pointing out "the other guys'" foibles. If I were a social scientist, I would probably be fascinated to the point of writing a book on the subject. In any case, beware the messenger, re: these type of links. Me - I don't care who exposes corruption... as long as it IS corruption and not some fantasy made up out of hearsay and hatred. As far as I am concerned, keep up the good work - someone else will (and has) pointed out the bad guys (and gals) on your side.

3:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where are the corrupt Democrats on you list you phony bastard? We know they are out there is BIG numnbers!

11:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Goosfraba...Goosfraba...Goosfraba ! You are such an angry Lib. Please, don't insult all of us people of average to above average intelligence by saying that you didn't have many Democrats on your list cause no one can name you ones you missed. Get real man! Anyone who has been breathing and mildly paying attention to current events and politics is aware that there are as many corrupt Dems as GOP politicians. Its not a party problem fantasy boy, but a money & power corrupting thing. Geez, wake up and smell the pesos!

7:02 PM  
Anonymous coldfuse said...

To be truly believable, the site requires balance. William Jefferson (D-La) might be a good one to start with. I would also like to see Jim Black, Democratic Speaker of the NC Legislator, on your list. And, of course, if you are to include southern governors such as Mr. Barbour, be sure to include former Alabama Governor Donald Siegelman's racketeering conspiracy charge.

Of course, it's time to update the record on Senator Stevens - he is quite the scoundrel!

I wonder if there is anything crooked about the politicians who received substantial donations from Fannie Mae?

3:08 PM  
Anonymous bdwolfhound said...

I respect your ideals, but they present as a singularly nonobjective assessment. If you cannot find corrupt Democratic politicians, just come to New Jersey.

10:04 AM  
Blogger Carol C said...

You will probably want to add this item: "Ex-Pa. senator convicted of 137 corruption counts" AP 3-16-09

PHILADELPHIA – Vincent Fumo, once one of the most powerful figures in Pennsylvania politics, was convicted Monday of more than 130 counts of corruption for schemes that defrauded the state Senate and others of more than $3.5 million and helped pay for his lavish lifestyle.
Full article at:
I'll be checking to see if you add this Democrat to your list.

3:49 PM  
Blogger defendusa said...

Here is a sampling of the comments for this post. It is interesting to note that while people on the rightwing keep complaining that only Republicans are on the list, they are still unable to help me keep this list accurate by pointing out any Democrats. Some insisting that local politicians in New Jersey and at other state level positions are "federal" positions.

It would be completely impossible to keep this list current if I were to try to include corruption at every level. Likewise, I have not included crimes unrelated to misuse of power. I am trying to keep an accurate and impartial list. As such, as I explained in the introduction to the list, I have limited the list to federal positions and state governorships.

It is not my fault if the members of one party appear more corrupt than members of the other party. I am just listing facts and the facts are the facts.

I also am not listing innuendo and unsupported allegations. The original list included only convicted and indicted politicians.

8:35 AM  
Blogger MinutemanCDC_SC said...

Thank you for your list. It is very useful.

I understand that your list contains convicted and indicted Republicans. Is there a comparable list somewhere that lists convicted and indicted Democrats? I want to get a list from the other side of the aisle as well.

Thank you for any direction you may offer.

10:39 PM  
Blogger defendusa said...

This list actually contain both. There just haven't been many Democrats to report on.

As far as I know, this list is an accurate accounting of all Federal and governor level convictions for political corruptions committed after Januar 1, 2000. I haven't been updating the list regularly so I may have missed a few recent cases. I'll add them if someone points them out.

9:03 AM  

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